Massage Services

Aroma Therapy

Indulge yourself in the ancient practice of combining aromatherapy and massage for the perfect treatment.  Choose from a selection of pure essential oils to create your perfect massage blend.

50 Minutes - $120 (Single)

80 Minutes - $150 (Single)

50 Minutes - $240 (Couples)

80 Minutes - $300 (Couples)

Custom Therapeutic and Deep Tissue

Various techniques and modalities are customized to you.  Stretches and muscle manipulation are combined to alleviate, relax and transform your mind, body and soul. 

50 Minutes - $90 (Single)

80 Minutes - $130 (Single)

50 Minutes - $180 (Couples)

80 Minutes - $260 (Couples)

Eden Signature Hot Stone

A therapeutic massage involving perfectly heated stones that transforms achy muscles and vaporizes deep tension.  This sauna-like massage will help your body release, expand and circulate freely.

80 Minutes - $160 (Single)

80 Minutes - $320 (Couples)

Spot Treatment

Do you have an area that needs extra attention?  Add a little extra time to any service.

25 Minutes - $40

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